General Approaches for Growing Shareholder Value

Results-driven executive Robert Colaizzi began leading accounting and finance operations at Silicon Valley software and technology developers in the late 1980s. Over the years, Robert Colaizzi has established a successful record of driving revenues and shareholder value and architecting tech company sales and acquisitions. He currently serves as an independent consultant to public and private companies in the emerging technology sector.

Creating long-term value for shareholders requires a sustainable approach that addresses the needs of clients and stakeholders alike and builds vital partnerships with employees and suppliers. Executive leaders who develop holistic long-term value-building strategies often achieve the most success.

To sustainably grow shareholder returns, executive teams should consider a number of different approaches. These approaches include improving gross profits by building stronger relationships with cost-effective suppliers; fostering an environment of increased productivity and efficiency; and/or lowering capital costs by repositioning optimizing the use of assets and the building of high-performance teams. However, most business development officers recommend increasing shareholder value through revenue growth. The revenue-building approach offers a number of different options and avenues, such as leveraging existing capabilities to create new products and enter new markets, joint -ventures and/or better aligning adjacent operations (such as manufacturing and distribution) with the business’s core activities.