An Overview of IPO Readiness and Related Challenges

An accomplished finance executive, Robert Colaizzi has directed financial operations at several leading San Francisco Bay Area companies in the technology sector. Robert Colaizzi possesses a background in driving growth and acquiring funding for providers of enterprise software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), Internet and cloud-based technologies, and network solutions. His experience also includes preparing companies for IPOs.Launching a successful initial public offering (IPO) takes time and requires extensive research and strategy. Financial officers must constantly evaluate the market and develop and revise their IPO plans appropriately. Furthermore, what seems like favorable market conditions for an IPO launch may become volatile in a short period. As a result, careful pre-IPO planning and timing are of the utmost importance.

Challenges arise throughout the process of staging an IPO. For example, during planning, private companies must create compelling launch strategies while also developing alternative exit plans should market conditions change. The company needs to have a strong executive team backed by experienced advisors, and implement the appropriate finance/accounting controls and operational policies to achieve regulatory compliance. Maintaining good relationships with investors is important before, during, and after the IPO as well. A well-executed IPO “road show” is part of this—senior management must be able to clearly and consistently articulate the company’s value to investors and address challenges and doubts head-on.