What is Technical Accounting?

A corporate finance executive based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Robert Colaizzi has served as a senior financial director or chief financial officer at several successful technology companies, including Oracle Corporation,PeopleSoft, BEA SYstems, Nuance, Postini (sold to Google), and Talari Networks. Today, Robert Colaizzi consults as a CFO with emerging technology companies on financial planning, forecasting, corporate governance, and other areas of operations. He also offers significant technical accounting experience.

Technical accounting, also known as bookkeeping, refers to the activities and skills related to account transaction processing. This includes the day-to-day maintenance of sales, receipts, and payments made by an organization or individual. Technical accountants possess a strong understanding of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and how this standard framework supports business and organizational operations. They also excel in using accounting databases to perform research.

Technical accountants must possess strong familiarity with spreadsheet software and with the various bookkeeping approaches, including single and double entry systems. Technical accounting also involves reviewing the work of subordinates to identify any errors or inconsistencies.