Robert Colaizzi and the Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

As a winner of the Chief Financial Officer Award from Oracle Corporation, Robert Colaizzi has demonstrated excellence in many corporate pursuits. Based now in San Jose, and formerly in San Francisco, Robert Colaizzi brings advanced financial solutions to Adobe Systems-(EchoSign)as an expert in enterprise resource planning (ERP).

ERP is a concept with various meanings in different fields. However all definitions offer a similar theme, that ERP has the capability of unified communication across various business divisions. An ERP system database might share information among human resources, accounting, inventory, and ordering.

With this program, sales orders can be entered automatically, reducing the possibility of human error and allowing faster order fulfillment. In turn, the finance department would be able to record the sale more quickly. An ERP system also permits employees to track key measures of the business’s performance. Other advantages of ERP include an improved ability to comply with financial regulations and automation of processes, such as order-to-fulfillment. ERP facilitates a company-wide view and provides a strategic perspective that can expose potential problems, and needed improvements. Finally, an ERP improves customer service by offering a single source of information for product inquiries and billing.